The Time I Pranked my Local Radio Station for a Year to Cope With Life

The Time I Pranked my Local Radio Station for a Year to Cope With Life

Creative people need outlets. And when they can’t find a creative outlet, they create one.

That’s what happened last year when I was stuck at home with two young children and my husband’s 96-year-old grandmother.

I had made the decision to stop filming the talk show I had put nearly two years, and a lot of hard work into (Doug and Lisa), so that I could be at home with my kids and “Omi”.

It was a sacrifice that I made, and still do not regret it to this day, but to fill the hole that my talk show had occupied, I became immersed in home renovation projects.

When the self inflicted chaos of renovations surrounding me still didn’t fill my creative void, I came up with a plan.

Two close friends in media, Karly Fiddes and “BMack” had recently joined forces to become the new morning show for kelowna’s #1 hit station, 99.9 SunFM.

Listen to them HERE.

BMack was always hacking Karly’s Facebook and playing little pranks on her, so I called her and said “Look, I have this ridiculous character I created years ago named Louanne (long before kids when I still thought I had a shot at working at Saturday Night Live). Let me prank you guys as her”.

She agreed and we hatched a plan.

Just for a backgrounder, “Louanne” is a country loving, God fearing karaoke singer/barrel racer who never actually sings, she just dances and travels in her Winnabego with her husband Clifton and their dog jack Sparrow between Sunoka (Summerland) and Ponolka (Alberta).

Her first appearance was on CMT’s “Country Music Fan Turn Host” where I made the top Five in Canada and then almost blacked out live on camera from nerves (@4:06).

Then she made a music video:

She also had a stint in LA with her good friend Sheba McEntire, but I will save that for another time.

The first couple of pranks to SunFM, with the help of Karly Fiddes, were just phone calls… mostly of Louanne requesting old Country songs to SunFM, a clearly top popular hits station.

She also threw out a lot of Southern one liners, like “we are off like a hurd of turtles!”

BMack took the bait immediately.

Once I knew he was hooked on Louanne, I got their receptionist, Marie, at SunFM involved.

I had made a batch of Sauerkraut that didn’t take. Remembering BMack had tummy issues, I thought it would make the perfect first gift. I pulled out some of Louanne’s wig hair and took some dirt from my garden and added it to the jar.

I then tied a bow around it, kissed it with red lipstick and put it in my car. A week in my hot car later, I finally got ahold of Karly and Marie to hand it off.

This was the live reaction to that first gift:

The amount of joy I felt watching this, hearing about it on the radio, and knowing that I was “anonymous” was indescribable.

Twisted, I know.

After that, I collected garbage from around my house/crawlspace, dumped Omi’s perfume into each gift bag and dropped it all off with receptionist Marie to hand off weekly.

HERE is the full list of videos that were recorded live on the SunFM Facebook Page. of each gift.

Each reaction, both on video and on air (when they spoke about it on the radio) made me belly laugh. A few brought me tears of joy.

Yes, I realize how immature I am. I realize how ridiculous it all is, but the insanity of it is literally what helped keep me sane being stuck at home with a mouthy German and two tiny dictators while battling Post Partum.

I wanted to keep the joke alive until April Fools Day and then do some sort of reveal that went in line with the launch of my new podcast “The Real Deal on Wheels” as a shameless self promotion so that the time and dedication I put into this prank would somewhat serve me, so after the New year the planning for the big reveal began.

My husband nearly ruined the whole thing for me when he ran into Brian at a Rocket’s game and randomly told him that he “liked the Louanne character” *eye roll*, so I knew I had to go even bigger with the reveal so that even if he knew it was me, he would still be deeply disturbed.

BMack and Karly had just done a Lipsynch Battle for the annual Kelowna FanXPO  so to get through to Bmack and Karly at “SinFM”, Louanne, with the help of her friend “Heaven Lee” and her niece “Abby”, put together their own lipstick battle that featured BMack’s mother, bosses, wife, co-host and other family members.

With the help of my friend Jamie, we got BMack’s wife involved and she gave us full access to their house to film the music video. It was so refreshing to know how many other sick individuals came out of the woodwork to help creep out BMack.

“You can go through his closet, sit on his favourite chair petting our dog” his wife cackled while I slowly fell in love with her over the phone.

“I believe this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship Kelsey”, I said before hanging up.

She agreed.

We did the reveal the day after April Fools Day when we knew BMack’s guard would be down. And the result was everything I could have hoped for.

The video, without context, doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. So it actually makes more sense that you watch BMack’s reaction first and then watch the video.

Luanne, our stalker is revealed… here is the REACTION video!

We found out who our STALKER was (video link in comments) but THIS is the reaction video of B Mack when he found out 'Luanne' was INSIDE HIS HOUSE! Well done, The Real Deal with Lisa Redl… WE LOVE YOU! #BMackandKarly

Posted by 99.9 SUN FM on Friday, April 13, 2018

It ends with Louanne crashing BMack’s family’s Thanksgiving Dinner.

So ya.

That all happened. And I hope Louanne will be able to continue to share her wisdom and inspire SinFM listeners in the future in some capacity.

If anything, I just hope that this silliness allows people to just calm down and remember how to laugh again. Life is much easier when you remember we are all human, regardless of our political, religious and/or social views.

In my next blog I will be discussing the radio industry with BMack and Karly.

I will also discuss the future of this podcast and why I decided to branch out on my own.

So subscribe and stay Tuned.


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